Thursday, February 19, 2009

LOST 2/18/09

Seeing that LOST is now more confusing than an American Idol elimination I have decided to just post the questions I have from the last episode instead of a recap. So, here is what I want help figuring out:

1. Why did Jack not ask Ben why his face was all bloodied-up? I mean it wasn't exactly a scratch, Ben's whole face, neck and mid-life crisis motorcycle jacket were covered in blood, you wouldn't bring that up?

2. What, again, is the significance of the white rabbits?

3. Hurley - worst beard ever?

4. Are the other passengers from the Aljiria (sp? - I am sure) on the island now? And, did they land on the island because of a flash in time?


Jonas108 said...

I have no idea why Jack didn't ask Ben that. It would be the first question I asked him.

And...I'm not sure if I'm right on this or not, but I think the white rabbits are used for some of the experiments that DHARMA was doing. There's probably more to it than that, but I'm not sure.

Hurley - doesn't look too good.

I'm also wondering that. Like, what's gonna happen to Frank? I found it ironic that he was flying the plane. I hope he's at least somewhere on the island. I like his character.

But my questions are:

Where is Aaron? He wasn't on the plane with Kate, and he wasn't with Sun either. Unless I missed something, because the last time I remember seeing him, was when Kate was taking him out of the car to meet Ben at the place.

And second: Where are Rose and Bernard?? They were with the others (Juilet, Sawyer, Miles etc.) and now they are no where to be found. I just find that really odd.
Hopefully some of my questions get answered next week.

Newman said...

Also, did the guitar Hurley had on the flight have to do with Charlie? And, if so, how did Hurley know to bring it.

Maybe why Ben is messed up has to do with Aaron, not sure

Kim said...

My husband seems to think Ben went after Penny, I don't know, but he did want to kill her after his "daughter" was murdered, and after seeing Desmond, he would know where she was.

Anonymous said...

I think Kate left Aaron with Claire's mom.

I think Desmond probably beat up Ben.

I still love Lost too!

Jodi said...

You should check out Entertainment Tonight recaps after the show. The writer is so funny and helps me figure out WTH did I just watch. lol,,1550612_20247060_20259937,00.html

Toni Ryan said...

i think the white rabbit thing is an allergory related to Alice In Wonderland -- me thinks that's also why it came up at the beginning of the Matrix. the whole idea of the perplexing journey. prob has no real purpose here, they're prob just trying to be clever.

(did i really just say allegory?)