Wednesday, February 11, 2009


If you have met me or heard me talk on air you know I am a complete foodie (By the way, adding "ie" to the end of a word now turns it into a noun meaning "One who is into the orginal word", much like I am also a Video Gamie and a Bookie [someone who reads books, not someone who takes bets on sporting events . . .unless you want to put $50 on North Carolina this weekend cause of the nice moneyline.])

Being a foodie, I love discovering new restaurants, especially ones that are different from your average spot, and oh man, have I discovered one this time. At some point in my life I have to get to Alinea in Chicago! The food at this place is OUT OF CONTROL!!

Here are some of the dishes they serve:

This is a sweet potato with a Jim Bean bourbon puree in a tempura shell served on a cinnamon stick. (Sidenote: they have all their dishes custom made, so they can serve everything in an interesting fashion.)

This is called a Hot Potato, Cold Potato Soup. You actually pull a needle out of the skewer and everything on the skewer, including a hot potato croquette, falls into the cold soup. It's interactive! CRAZY!!!

This is a lemon/menthol marshmellow looking thing (Best I could describe it.) You aren't allowed to use your hands to eat it they say.

Another dish they serve comes on a pillow. The pillow is full of juniper, and when they put the hot plate on it, the smell of the juniper is released.

They also have a book out that you can buy wherever books are sold (I always found this statement pointless. "Hey, you can buy this thing where other things just like it are sold! You may have thought to look for this book at your local Dunkin Donuts, but you would be wrong!")

Check out Alinea

Check out the book

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