Monday, February 9, 2009

Where Do You Park At Car Dealerships?

The laws of parking are fairly straightforward for 99% of the times you will park your car: If you're not handicapped you don't park in the handicapped spaces. That's it. If you follow that rule, you can get by. However, there is one place where after 9 years of driving, I still have no idea how or where to park at. That place is a car dealership.

There are new things you have to consider at a car dealership when parking your car. Like, "Is this an open spot or is this the section they only keep their cars in? And, subsequently is there any way they could sell my car if I parked there?" (That second part probably only occurs to me and people with mild paranoia.) Next, you consider, "Is this a spot I can park in or is this where they keep cars they are servicing? And again, subsequently, if I park there will they fix the slight irregularity in my rear-tire alignment?" (This thought probably only occurs to me and people with a mild case of wishful thinking.)

Most of the time there are 3 to 4 spots right up front which happen to always be full with "planted cars" (I believe these to be cars that the dealership owns and places there in hopes you will park somewhere else and they can then, once again, attempt to sell your car.)

It is all very tricky. Which is why I recommend purchasing a rovercraft for the sole purpose of driving to a car dealership. Yes, this isn't exactly cost effective but consider the other benefits: Women dig hovercrafts. (This statement probably only occurs to me and people with a mild cas . . . ok just me.)

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