Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Get Rid of The "Insert" Key

It dawned on me while I was just typing up some stuff for the show that it is due time we got rid of the INSERT key on the keyboard. Have you ever actually needed to use the INSERT key? Really, the only purpose of it is to screw you up when you accidentally hit it as you try to hit BACKSPACE. "What's going on? Where are my letters goin . . . BLASTED INSERT key!" It is like putting a CRASH button in your car. "Hey, I tried to put it in park and I most have hit the CRASH button, now I need a new bumper!"

1 comment:

KludgeGuru said...

I'm totally opposed of getting rid of the Insert Key. I will not buy a keyboard that does not have the dedicated insert key in the right spot.

It is a very useful key and I use it quite often when coding. If your smart enough to know how to use it then it shouldn't cause problems.