Thursday, April 2, 2009

Casey's Physical Therapy First Hand Account

If you've heard me talking about my dog on the radio before, you know she is quite old and has bad arthritis. Well, she has been having more trouble recently getting around. So, my wife and I decided she needed to get some help, and apparently there are vets out there trained to help just such a dog with some physical therapy. It includes an underwater treadmill, obstacle courses and various exercises - non of which Casey particularly enjoys. What follows is what I believe a first-hand account about the activities would look like from Casey, our dog:

Oh, look I am going in the car. I love the car. Hmm, this drive is longer than the ones I am used to. Look a bug. Ok, this car ride is getting old, there better be a treat at the end of this journey. This place is new. I smell other dogs' pee - delicious. This looks like a vet's office. If this is a vet's office, stuffs about to hit the fan. IT IS A VET! Mike you son of a *!$# (She's got a fresh mouth) I am not going to forgive you for this!

Hmm, these people seem nice. I like these stretching moves, I can feel the burn in my calves. And this massage ain't have bad either. Ok, I'm cool with you guys again, give me some bacon and we can't forget this whole thing even happened. Oh, wait what's going on here. What are this bars? I am supposed to step over these? I am 14 years old, are you out of your mind!? Would you make your Grandma do this? Pheew, I am spent. I think I am sweating - dogs don't even sweat and I am sweating, do you see what you are doing to me. Well, at least I assume we will be going now. Someone get me a bowl of water and a smoke. Now, what is this thing. I'm trapped in this tank . . . AND IT"S FILLING UP WITH WATER!!!! Help!!! I can't possibly drink this all. Wait, the grounds moving. What's going on? This is it. This is the end. It's been real. Is this some sort of medieval torture device? I think I am dying. Does this ever stop? Ahh, ok good it's over. Take me home now. You guys are dead to me.

I think she likes it.

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