Monday, March 23, 2009

Someone Stop TLC Before They Kill Somebody

Lots of things in this world cause stress: Important meetings, relationship problems, being too good looking and a host of other things. However, on the top of my stress list is the TV show 'Jon & Kate Plus 8.' If you are not familiar with it, it follows the lives of Jon & Kate and their eight loud children - it's awful. Within I'd say, 4 minutes of watching the show I want to get a vasectomy. If you have watched the show you may have wondered how you can illegally obtain a perscription for Xanax (I'll tell you where not to get it, through one of those emails that says they have it, and a little blue pill, on the cheap . . . they do not.)

As if watching eight kids run around and scream wasn't bad enough, TLC is rolling out a new show tonight, "Table For 12" which follows a couple and their 10 children. I already feel short of breath. So, I encourage you to write TLC and beg them to stop before they kill someone. Someone will have a heart attack. When is it too much? What's next 15 kids? 12 kids and a monkey? 64 children with ADD? My fingers are sweating just typing this.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not stressed about J & K plus 8,but man, that bitch Kate is annoying. With all of those screaming kids and her, I'm surprised that guy Jon hasn't bolted yet!