Monday, March 16, 2009

March Madness

  • It's that time of year, office production drops, grown men cry and Michigan State screws up your bracket . . . It's March Madness! I partially love and partially despise it. Love it because I am a huge college basketball fan, but despise it for two reasons. a) My favorite team is Rutgers b) I never win a bracket pool.

    Now, I would not be upset if I lost my pool every year to a friend of mine who is also a college hoops fan, like one of the plethora of Villanova fans I know (You can all rot in hell) that would be okay because I at least respect your basketball knowledge. However, this is not what happens. The person I lose to every year is always a woman who hasn't watched a basketball game in her life (How many points is a touchdown?) This is not a knock on women, in fact I know tons that follow college basketball as religiously as I do, but these aren't the ones that win the pool either. No, this is for the woman in the my bracket pools that pick each game based on which mascot is better. . . Or which would win in a fight . . . Or occasionally, who's colors are prettier (Can some crappy team change their uniforms to pink? Please)

    So, my picks are in and I would like to give you some examples of games where, myself and many other basketball fans made one pick, and the group of people that always beat me picked the other team and, of course, they will be right.

    1. Purdue VS Northern Iowa
  • Me - Purdue. They just won their conference tournament, and while the Big 10, isn't that good this year, they should be able to handle this first round match-up.
  • Her - What's a boilermaker anyway? I'll go with the Northern Iowa Panthers.

    2. Michigan State VS Robert Morris
  • Me - Michigan State - Despite playing in a terrible conference this year, they should be good enough to knock off a Robert Morris team that didn't beat one decent opponent this season.
  • Her - I dated a guy named Robert once. He was so hot. Pick: Robert Morris

3. Texas VS. Minnesota

  • Me - Texas had a little bit of a down year, but I fully expect them to handle a mid-range Big 10 team. I'm taking Texas.
  • Her - Gophers are so CUTE!!! Pick: The Adorable Minnesota Golden Gophers

4. BYU vs Texas A&M

  • Me: Texas A&M. A little bit of an upset in this 8 vs 9 match-up, but I think A&M is tougher down low.
  • Her: Mormon's can concentrate more on the basketball game because they don't have other . . . err . . . things, on their mind. Pick: BYU

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Anonymous said...

I am sorry to admit that I am one of those women who don't watch college basketball and therefore have no knowledge for bracket picking, but I stay out of it for that reason. My boss handed me the bracket sheet this morning, and if I did play I'd go by what name I like better/sounds cooler. :)