Wednesday, April 8, 2009

LOST Spin Offs

I have to be honest, Lost is actually losing some of it's appeal with me. What was once my favorite show on TV has perhaps slipped into 2nd or 3rd. I don't know if it just finally got too confusing for my head or what, but I no longer get excited about Wednesday nights (unless it is Wacky Waffle Wednesday at my house where I make all kinds of WACKY flavored waffles . . . note - this is completely untrue BUT an amazing idea). So, perhaps Harold Perrineau (Michael) had the right idea, he went to a new show "The Unusuals" which is getting solid reviews. However, I think there is a way to keep some of the magic of Lost and take the actors to new shows, it's called a spin-off, and here are some of my ideas:

1. Jack and Kate Plus Eight - Follows the lives of Jack and Kate plus their eight childern (all of which were born on the island . . . some of whom may or may not have superpowers.) Jack will probably be often stressed from the children and drink heavily, Kate will be driven into an affair with Sawyer.

2. Dr. Linus - This medical drama will feature Benjamin Linus as a doctor. It will be very intense. There will be many times when he will deliver a horrific diagnosis and the camera will zoom in on his eyes and there will be a loud crescendo in the music.

3. Wild On E! With John Locke - much like the old Wild On series featuring Brooke Burke, in this show John Locke will travel to amazing destinations and document it. He will always be in swim-trunks and partying with co-eds. There will be lots of screaming.

4. Where in the World is Walt Loyd - Every episode of this show will start with a scene with Walt in a situation and right before it gets resolved he disappears. People try to find him for a while. At the end of the show he returns and has gone through puberty.

I think all of these could do very well and should be considered.

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