Tuesday, June 2, 2009

FOX Has Stolen My Plan

You may notice something strange when you are flipping through your TV Guide today (the onscreen one, not the magazine . . . who still buys that??) The CBS hit show "The Mentalist" has a new show it is going against that is airing on FOX at the same time. The name of that show "Mental". I believe they put it up against "The Mentalist" so that newcomers to "The Mentalist" will accidentally watch "Mental" because they quickly saw the name and didn't realize it wasn't the hit show everyone was talking about. It was another show that happens to air at the same time, with a very similar name.

Nice try FOX but this sounds eerily like a plan I concocted (add that one to my funny words list) years ago. My plan has been to produce a CD under the pseudonym "The Beatle." This CD would contain pretty awful music or just a recording of me reading from a magazine. Whatever it is, it doesn't matter, the point is I will make money off people thinking it is a "Beatles" CD. Is this illegal? Most likely. Is it genius? Debatable. Either way it is clear to me FOX ripped off my diabolical plan.

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Anonymous said...

consumer confusion! sort of like adidas and diadora. they'reee trickkky