Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Newman Private I

For about three months now I have noticed something strange going on at my apartment. Once every other week or so I would find a jalapeno pepper in my front yard. Why? That is what I wanted to find out. Today I found one on my way into work. I didn't care that much, but I definitely did not want my dog eating one, so I wanted to ask whoever was responsible to stop. I donned my inspector hat, grabbed my magnifying glass, lit my corn-cob pipe and set out on figuring it out. This was about a week ago, and I believe I have solved the crime.

For six days I made no progress on the case, I looked out my window trying to catch the perp (that's what we call the perpetrator in the biz) to no avail. The only info I figured out is that the peppers usually appeared on Saturday mornings. Yet, today I came across some information which I believe has blown this case open. I read in the paper that a pizza place was giving away free pizza today. That pizza place - Papa Johns. What does Papa Johns include with their pies - Jalapeno Peppers (and that garlic dipping sauce!) There is a Papa Johns near me, so I started thinking this could be involved somehow. . . but how?

Then I read on. Papa Johns was giving out free pizza today to people with a Camaro. What does one of my neighbors drive? You got it - A Camaro. He is my prime suspect now. I will be breaking down his door tomorrow morning and making a citizens arrest.

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