Monday, August 24, 2009

Why I Dislike The Little League World Series

If you have turned on ESPN any time over the last week you may have noticed that baseball players have gotten much smaller. No they did not swear of steroids - it's Little League World Series time (or as the ESPN scroll says at the bottom of the screen LLWS time, which I look forward to about as much as AUTO or WNBA updates.) I despise the Little League World Series.

I often wonder what I would look like at bat, stepping up to the plate, digging my spikes into the dirt, and now I know, since 90% of the players in the Little League World Series are the same size as me. So, I got that going for me. The other blow to my ego comes when I realize these kids are already better at a sport than I will ever be in my entire life (unless this bowling thing works out; had a 150 the other day, no biggie.) So basically the LLWS is a nice little shot to your ego, and it also takes up the whole afternoon on ESPN, which means I can't watch the same edition of Sportcenter three times in a row.


Anonymous said...

its hard to understand unless you played on a little league all star team. for a lot of the kids it isnt all about baseball. they work as hard as they can just to get a chance to make it. its also a good way to go pro. most of the pros have played in the LLWS.

Anonymous said...


A small handful of players who played in the LLWS actually moved on to make the major leagues. Little League is also not the organization that many of the better players play in. Junior baseball and Cal Ripken baseball have growing numbers and the best players are on travel teams. Its a nice tradition with a strong brand, but watch knowing that the players are nowhere near the best 11 and 12 year old players.