Monday, September 14, 2009

Worst Bagger Ever

I don't expect the grocery store clerk to bag for me, but I appreciate it when they do. At some supermarkets though, they don't give you the option of bagging yourself, unless you bring those eco-friendly hipster bags from home in hopes of saving both the entire planet and 2 cents off your order. While, I do appreciate them bagging, it has become apparent that some clerks need training in the fundamentals of bagging. Case in point:

This weekend, while unloading my bags from the cart to my car I noticed multiple infractions.
  1. The first, and by far the worst, seeing as how it could be deadly, was this: In one bag I found my packaged meats (oh, real mature) with my bottle of Drain-O. Really?! This transcends the basics of bagging and crosses into the basics of human intelligence. Perhaps we should put the poison in its own bag. I prefer my poison in a bag that does not contain things I will be putting in my mouth (again, real mature.)
  2. The Egg Bag - Eggs usually warrant their own bag (kind of like poisons) but I understand also if you happen to put eggs on top of the items in another bag. What I received this weekend were my eggs in a bag with my 2 gallons of milk and bottle of Juicy Juice (it's not just for kids.)
  3. Finally, the colds with the colds - I got one bag with some of my cold products and some of my boxed goods, despite the fact that I had other refrigerated items in another bag with room temperature products. Clearly, there could have easily been a trade for the boxed goods in the previous bag to create two perfectly harmonious bags.

Feel free to add any bagging rules you may have!

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LLLovingMom said...

This is why I bag my own stuff. The cold-stuff-with-cold-stuff seems to be lost on all grocery store workers.