Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Problem With Mad Men

Mad Men may be the best show on television. House comes close, as does Lost, but overall I think I would give the nod to AMC's gem of a series. There is one issue however I have with Mad Men however - It makes me want to drink whiskey.

I guess this actually wouldn't be an issue if I happened to like whiskey, but I don't, in fact I despise it. However, because of Mad Men I have turned into a lost puppy going back to a dry well (or whatever that analogy is - pretty sure I nailed it though.) Despite the fact that I know I hate whiskey, I've tried it numerous times simply because Don Draper looks real cool drinking it.

In the realm of manly drinks I fall somewhere between a Malibu Bay Breeze and any flavored daiquiri. "If it has an umbrella, it's gonna be stella" - is my motto (I made it up but you can use it . . . or not, because it's terrible) but after seeing Don toast the birth of a new baby or the closing of a deal with three fingers of Glenlivet, I can't help but think, "I can be that cool."
So, I pour myself some scotch, summon all my courage (not a lot) and down it. Don drinks his and his face is like steel, I look like someone squirted lemon in my eye. It's awful. Don would just continue a conversation with a slightly more baritone voice, I scramble for something to wash away the taste. It dawns on me that I hate whiskey. The only problem is, I will do this again next week and I can't help it.

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Toni Ryan said...

ugh, dude you have no idea it has done to a "former" smoker like myself. smoking looks SO cool on this show, it's TERRIBLE!
btw i posted these two mad men "parodies" while you were gone.