Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Joe Girardi Loves Twilight

Yesterday, the New York Yankees lost a tough, extra-innings game to the Angels. During this heartbreaking loss, New York skipper, Joe Girardi, made some questionable decisions that could have played a large role in the loss. Was it simple over-managing, or was it something else? I think I know.

You see, every time Joe made a move in the game, he consulted this book that you would assume was the reports and stats on the opposing players and possible matchups. However, I doubt this is the case, seeing as how every single time he made a decision it seemed to go horribly wrong. The odds that the worst outcome would happen each time seems very low. So, I have come to a conclusion - It was not a stat book Joe was reading, but rather something else entirely. Something intriguing. Something people obsess over. Something popular. Something like Twilight!

The first strange move came when Andy Pettite was pitching to Vladimir "I'm not Russian" Guerrero. Joe came out to talk to Pettite and Posada after reading his book, and after the talk the next pitch Pettite served up got tattooed into the bleachers. Clearly, Girardi told him to lay one down the middle because he was at a thrilling point in the book and didn't want to put it down when the inning would end. Maybe, the part where Edward tries to rescue Kristen Stewart from the aliens (I haven't read the book.)

The other move ended the game, when Girardi consulted his book and then pulled David Robertson, who had just got two quick outs in the 11th inning, out of the game. The Yankees brought in Aceves to pitch, who quickly lost the game in two hits. Joe, most likely just finished his Twilight and wanted to hurry home to get his copy of New Moon started. I love the New York Jeter & A-Rods and I think I speak for all fans when I say, "Joe, get your head in the game."

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Anonymous said...

What about when Joe put Hairston in for Damon.. maybe Jerry has a better arm, but the move pulled history's greatest closer out of the game before the Yanks even had a legitimate shot of regaining a lead to save.