Thursday, October 15, 2009


You can learn a lot from watching TV, however you can learn very little from watching The Learning Channel. For general learning I prefer the History channel, PBS or many other channels that are not called "The Learning Channel." I think I actually learn more from watching Fox News (ZINGER!)

First off you have Jon and Kate Plus 8 and Duggars Big Family Album, the only thing I am learning from these shows is one day I should get a vasectomy. Actually, that is not fair, I did learn more about bowling in one of the episodes of The Duggars, after they showed 17 minutes straight of them bowling (that is not educational or entertaining.)

I enjoy LA Ink but I can't say I have learned much from the show.

And, check out this episode description for an episode of Police Women of Broward County:

The four tough-talking Police Women of Broward County battle crime as Andrea tackles a drug dealer twice her size, Ana outsmarts a stripper with some drugs to hide, Julie goes undercover as a prostitute and Shelunda investigates a bloody fight.

Is this a show on TLC or an episode of Real World Road Rules Challenge?

To be fair there are some shows that I could learn things from on TLC if I watched them, but overall I think it is time to change the name of the network. Perhaps, "TLC: Tons of Loud Children"

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Debbie said...

I am so bored at work that I am going through the old blog entries on 94.5 because I only started looking at them a few months ago (it is Friday afternoon, after all). I loved this one because my fiance had actually said the same thing a few weeks ago-why is it called The Learning Channel when there is nothing on it that actually teaches you anything?

I'm pretty sure Say Yes to the Dress is the least informative of everything on TLC!