Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm The Worst

As a New Year's resolution this year I have decided to get serious about eating healthier and exercising smarter. YAWWWWWNN! What a boring, cliche resolution, I know, but I am doing other cool stuff this year which you can read about here.

So, I decided to start it off by getting a fitness assessment at the gym to see where I'm at. Most of the numbers were about where I thought they would be, and overall I was pleased, but one thing REALLY stood out. The fact that I am officially the least flexible person on planet earth. I cannot stress enough how that statement is not an exaggeration; I very well may be the least flexible person of all the billions of people in the world. You know you're grandfather, the one with the cane and orthopedic shoes? Yeah, he is more flexible than me.

For the flexibility portion of the assessment you do something called the Sit and Reach Test, where you sit with your legs stretched out flat against the ground and reach forward as far as you can. Here is an example of the results and where you should fall according to your age and sex:

I am a 27 year old male, so the average person my age can reach 17.5 inches. To be plastic-man-like you probably have to be able to reach over 20 inches, while poor would be anything below 15. So, how far did I reach? 6.9 inches!! The lowest number on the chart is 10 and 1/2 inches! I am light years away from the worst distance listed! Well over 99% of guys my age can reach further. I have to double my distance just to be in the 10th percentile. The trainer suggested I do yoga, and since I already tossed a masculine image away years ago, I think I may give it a shot.

So, this year I have a new goal to add to my list: I will become more flexible (ladies)!

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Bob Mantz, Jr. said...

Get a karate leg stretcher. You can measure the degrees as you stretch more and it is, well, masculine.