Monday, January 11, 2010

For Dry, Red Lips

Ok, Ben Stein, you've got the dry, red eyes thing under control, now call up your buddy Shaq and get me something for dry, red lips.

You can't tell too well from this picture but my upper lip has been so chapped recently, it now has this extra red line above it. I've been using a chapstick which says to stop use if irritation occurs, well this is irritated (Side note: 'Chapstick' has become a term akin to 'Band-Aid' where the name of a specific product has come to refer to any product that does the same thing as it. That is just about the pinnacle of success for a product. And, it's exactly what I plan on happening with "The Newman" my new invention - it's a Snuggie with a velcro-fly.) So, I stopped using the chapstick but now my lips are as dry as The Royal Tenenbaums (and about as funny.) Not only are they red, but they really hurt.

Anybody got any suggestions? I'm considering amputation. Please help.

PS - Yes, I have to shave.


Anonymous said...

poor Newman!!! Try some 'Gold Bond Ulimate healing lotion'. Yes its body lotion but I have the same prob and it fixes within an hour!

donna said...

Do NOT use petroleum jelly! It forms a moisture barrier and right now you need moisture on your lips. Drink lots (64oz or more) of water a day, eat veggies with a high water content and try the lotion the other person recommended. Good luck!

paula said...

Oh, my gosh... it's horrible. My son gets like this, so I have him use Chap-Stick Medicated. It burns a bit the first time you put it on, but within a day or two, my son is usually better (still healing, but betting). Once healed, I have him use Chap-stick moisturizer (the royal blue tube).

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I had this problem the beginning of this winter. Blistex makes a formula for severely chapped lips: Blistex Medex. It's worked for me; hope it helps! (you can find it at CVS)

Anonymous said...

Hi Newman.....sorry your lips hurt, but I'm from Minnesota and have used Carmex since I was a kid and although it has an odd smell to it, the stuff works and it works good. Be sure to load up on it an night before bed because it works through the night and tomorrow you'll feel better.