Monday, March 22, 2010

Enough Already Betty White!

Something very bizarre has been happening over the last few months: The reemergence of Betty White.

I'll be honest of all the things in the general collection of things that could randomly happen, the revival of Betty White ranked slightly higher than getting my man-parts caught in the toaster (Only happened twice!) I'm pretty sure you can trace the beginning of this trend to the Super Bowl commercial that featured Betty White as a football player. Sure, we got a few laughs but I figured that was it, a little blip on the popculture radar. Then the buzz on the internet started up and before you knew it there were groups dedicated to getting Betty White to host SNL. Sure enough, she's booked to do the show.

Can I throw this out there? I don't get it. I mean, I like Betty White, and I watch/watched/am currently watching the Golden Girls, but why are people all about her right now. Is she hot? Yes. But so are many ladies that haven't enjoyed this kind of buzz, and frankly, I feel like there is this quasi-mockery about the whole situation. She's old and still rolls with the punches, let's put her out there and all get a laugh cause, "Hey, it's Betty White!" Kind of like Bob Barker in Happy Gilmore.

I am calling it rebuzzing, when a star reaches some sort of fame then fades only to come back as a nostalgic laugh, Ala Trucker Caps. My pick for the next rebuzzed celeb: Henry Kissinger.

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Debbie-Lin said...

I think it started when she was honored at the Screen Actors Guild Awards back in January. She was hilarious in her acceptance speech and maybe people started remembering how funny she is and that they want to see more of her while they still can?