Thursday, March 18, 2010

An Ode To Rec Specs

I was driving around checking out my new hood yesterday when I happened to pass by a soccer game taking place in a park near my house. Being an avid fan chaotic childhood sports I stopped and looked on. What I saw was awesome! In the midst of a heard of kids surrounding the ball was a young boy sporting, what I believe were rec-specs! It was tough to tell for sure since every single player jammed in this group (well not every player, the girls were off near the opposite goal most likely talking about shopping, boys and My Little Pony.) So, while I can't confirm this, I believe this is the first rec-specs sighting in a decade.

Advancements and technology have a way of making us nostalgic for the most random things. You see a VCR and you remember the times you used to watch movies together. A cassette tapes brings back memories of your first mix tape. Your New York Yankees zebra pants reminds you of the time you wet your pants in front of the elementary school during the play. For me, seeing a kid with rec-specs reminded me of playing soccer when I was young (Yes, I wore rec-specs, does this surprise anyone?) With contact lenses and lasik eye surgery, you don't see many people with recreational spectacles any more, which is a shame because they were to fashion what pee'd in zebra pants were to, well, fashion.

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