Monday, March 15, 2010

New Favorite TV Show

Yesterday, while packing for my big move and enjoying the beautiful weather (what? It rained at your house? Hmm, weird, it was all sunshine at Casa Newman just the standard passing gumdrop shower) I happened to stumble upon a TV show I haven't watched before.

Now, I know I am probably late on this, but I LOVE A&E's Parking Wars.

They had a mini-marathon on last night and I'm hooked.

If you haven't seen it, it's a reality show about parking officials in Philadelphia. Boring, simple idea right? WRONG! There's more drama than an episode of Jersey Shore on steroids (err, uhm, an episode of Jersey Shore.)

Just watching these people get yelled at and threatened while putting a boot on somebody's car makes for an intensity filed half hour. There's about 800 characters to remember on the show, but my favorite by far is Shawn who's been with the PPA for five years and is on a total power trip. Really though the stars of the show are the people who get in trouble (especially the ones that try to take the boot off their car and end up destroying it - classic!)

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