Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Most Exciting Thing About This Season of Idol

To be honest, I am not sure anybody on this season of American Idol really intrigues me. I mean, I like Crystal and I like Alex Lambert, but I definitely feel this season is lacking in star power - not talent - star power. Sure, most of them are really good singers, but there's not much about any of them that interests me. Which, is why I have picked the most exciting thing about Season 9 of American Idol as:

Randy's Watch! @ Yahoo! Video

Step aside innocent little Katie Stevens and Aaron Kelly. Move aside Andrew Garcia and your awesomely scary neck-tattoo. The coolest thing about Idol this year is that blue watch Randy wears. I did some research, because I really want one, and it's from a company called Toy Watch USA and cost between $100-$200, I believe.

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