Friday, April 9, 2010

Attention Media

Perhaps it's because of Tiger Woods' return to golf or the Sandra Bullock updates, but there has been a serious lack of coverage of a fairly important news event recently. Two days ago, you may have heard on-air, I was going to pick up some groceries. So, I traveled to my local groceria where to my surprise and horror I saw smoke rising from a remote part of the parking lot. The average citizen would probably have passed by too busy to stop, however, with massive amounts of free-time on my hands and a penchant for danger, I knew I needed to act quickly.

I sprang into action and investigated the scene immediately. A blazing fire raged through the parking lot (a small bit of mulch was lit.) I thought of the movie Backdraft and realized the danger these "fires" can possess. I called the local police. They thanked me profusely, calling me a "model citizen" then they asked for my address so they could send me out a fruit basket, all in a days work I told them.

The fire department would arrive and put out the blaze and I would go on my way. The next day I quickly flipped through the newspaper expecting a headline along the lines of:

Local Hero Saves Beloved Shopping Center

Nothing. I searched the internet: Nothing. Two days later not a single story. Was it front-page material? Debatable, but not a single story! My only guess is the local papers are assembling more info to put together some sort of multiple page profile on the event. Perhaps interviewing people who were there or who I have inspired.

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