Monday, April 12, 2010

How to Pick a Good Name For a Dog

My wife and I are very much set on adopting another dog and as we started discussing what we would name it (assuming it didn't already have a name) I stumbled upon something very interesting: British names make great dog names!

"Come here Rupert!"

"Who's a good boy? Chester's a good boy!"

"Want to go out Daphne?"

It works for almost every British name, and don't think it works for any nationality, either:

"Want a Snausage Hans?" - German

"Time for a walk Alfonso" - Italian

"Drop it Arl-Cay!" - Pig Latin

Christine and I have started to trim our list and we are tossing around just a handful of names. Oddly, the ones we like best are all British (except for my pick "Doctor Barkentstein" and hers "Merlin" which may be British but is regardless awful.)

Any suggestions? Preferably British sounding.


Kitsune said...

Gideon, I saw some puppies the other day and could just see myself naming one Gideon

Anonymous said...

Holmes or Watson