Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jokes That Backfire

There's this coffee shop near me that I frequent and have gotten to know some of the servers fairly well (I don't use the word baristas because I am not Russian.) I joke around with them when I'm there, and when, I say joke around, I mean I tell really bad jokes that they politely chuckle at to make me, the customers, not be turned off with their establishment. My favorite is following up my order with the phrase, "Like I like my women."

Now, just so you know it is not in a creepy, lick my lips and rub my hands together manner (see: Mr. Burns) but in a joking, light-hearted fashion. "I take it a little sweet. . .like I like my ladies." In my head this joke kills! And hey, if you can reach one person right?!

So, anyway you are probably dying to use this joke now, but here is a quick word of warning, a little lesson I learned the other day: It works better when you're not ordering a Grande.

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