Friday, April 16, 2010

I Want One New Show To Watch

This is a very exciting opportunity for one lucky television show - I may be adding it to my viewing rotation! In a rare announcement this week, I, Newman, have decided to drop Fringe from my list of shows I watch, which has opened up a spot for a new sho. The list currently includes: LOST, American Idol, Parks and Recreation, The Colbert Report and House.

Note: These are my must see shows. This list does not include anything that I flip on when nothing else is on (ie. Food Network, Sportcenter or In The Kitchen With Bob on QVC.)

So what do you think? What show should I add to my religious-watch list?

(Note: I mean shows I watch religiously, not religious programming. My religious programming list is far different and includes only one show - Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman.)

I am leaning strongly towards Treme on HBO, I've heard good things. Anyone see the first episode? Worth watching?


Patrice said...

I just got hooked on Glee. It's a geat show. Maybe you should check it out.

Debbie-Lin said...

You should definitely start watching "The Middle." It's an AWESOME show, totally hilarious and I wish more people would watch it. The family is literally like any "normal" (i.e., dysfunctional, lol) family in America. I highly recommend checking out a couple episodes because you will really enjoy it! :)