Friday, April 23, 2010

The Male Soap Opera

I don't really care for soap operas. With all their intense relationships, dramatic fades and baby kidnappings (assumed) I have a hard time imagining who would like this kind of over the top programming. Yesterday however, I it dawned on me how someone could! When did I realize this? During the NFL Draft - obviously.

The NFL Draft is the total male soap opera. All the emotion, story-lines to follow and behind the back deals - it's a complete chick flick, but for dudes.

"Oh, this guy's definitely going to cry," my wife said, as we sat on the couch watching the draft last night. And, you know what, I cared. I cared who was going to cry and who was going to act too cool, who was going to get passed over and who would get picked way higher than predicted (aka - Whoever the Raiders picked). There's the guy who was supposed to go in the top 10 who ends up getting passed by again and again as he sits in the green room head down just wanting to be loved (and paid millions and millions of dollars.) He's just like a lovelorn, broken-hearted General Hospital-eer.

Your team makes a last second trade up to grab the player they want before someone else does, like your protagonist running to profess his love for a woman right as she is about to marry Mr. Wrong (The Detroit Lions.)

800 story-lines unfurl at once, some more intriguing than others, and they occasionally get confusing but it's riveting. Sure, the draft goes incredibly slow - like sands through the hourglass if you will - but right when you think you want to quit watching, something sucks you back in.

Can't wait for tonight's episode! Won't somebody love Jimmy Clausen?

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