Tuesday, April 6, 2010

One Driving Pet Peeve

Sure, lots of things bother me about bad drivers, but if I was forced to pick just one thing that annoys me more than the others it would be tailgating:

I'm driving down Route 1 yesterday minding my own beeswax - literally, I had just purchased honey among other things and was trying not to shatter the glass it came in - when this car flies up on my bumper. First off all, Route 1 has three lanes at this point, I'm in the middle, so while cars are going by us in the left lane he will have the opportunity to pass shortly and, on top of that, I believe just by being in the middle or right lane you should be free of potential tailgaters based solely on the fact that you are not in the perceived "fast lane." Second, he was driving a Delorean.

A DELOREAN!!!! The first thing I thought was, "Well, I have two option here: I could slam my brakes OR I could just speed up to 88 miles per hour." Without the room in front of me to speed up and have him disappear, I pump my brakes. He stops quick and I hear his tires squeak. He finally gets the chance to get in the left lane, and does so in one quick jerking movement (immature giggle) and gives me the finger as he passes. However, and this is the best part, after giving me the finger he turns back to the road only to see that his lane has slowed down, so he has to stop quick and swerve a bit while placing his hands fully extended on to the steering wheel. WINNER!!
Did I mention he was driving a Delorean!! You can't be tough in a Delorean McFly!


Anonymous said...

Yes, Rt.1 is a source of endless entertainment by d-bag drivers all trying to get someplace faster than you. I love when you pull up to a light right next to someone that cut you off. I always look over and smile as if to say "well hello there. You didn't get very far, didja!?"

Toni Ryan said...

just wondering if he was also wearing a members only jacket.

btw, newman, you may also know this guy from our old "hood" -- also owned a delorean until recently... thing was an annoying piece of crap by the end, obviously impo$$ible to repair all the time.

seriously, if you can't gigawattt yourself out of a jam, you shouldn't be behind the wheel!!!

just my 2 cents