Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Your Last Meal

I was flipping through a new cookbook I recently got, and the chef and author of the book was talking about a little game chef's like to play with each other. The game is simple - you just have to say what your last meal would be. (To be honest, this is really not so much a game as it is a question. For a game it has a surprising lack of fake money, plastic characters and dice.)

So, let's give this "game" a shot.

Mine would be the fettuccine alfredo from the place that invented it in Rome (check it out here.) I was there once and it was insanely amazing. My parents had told the waiter how much I love fettuccine alfredo when we walked in and how excited I was (it was my favorite dish as a kid.) The waiter left and came back with a gold spoon and fork for me to use, and said they give the one pair of them to random important patrons. One of my favorite food memories.

So, what do you got? Pizza at DeLorenzo's? Mom's meatloaf?

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