Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm Aging At An Incredible Rate

Devastating news yesterday: I think I have Benjamin Button disease.

Ok, so I don't have the exact same symptoms, but I definitely have something odd going on with my aging process. The issue is, I am aging at an incredible rate.

A week ago I told you I spotted my first gray hair. Now - get this - 4! Four gray hairs! The amount of gray I have has quadrupled in a week!

Expanding on this sound formula, next week I will have 16 gray hairs. By mid-May I will have, whatever the hell 16x4 is!

I believe we are talking months, not years, until I am full-blown Colonel Sanders!


Toni Ryan said...

this is what you get for calling randi ellis "elderly".

(hhahahahaah what i love about this, btw, is that randi thinks YOU'RE the one who used the word "elderly".)

donna said...

that's what you get for stressing over a laptop and labels! LOL