Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Proof Everyone Lies

Here's a little experiment:

Next time you see one of your friends, coworkers or other acquaintance wearing something you have never seen them wear before, stop them and say, "Hey, Is that a new shirt?" The response you get will always be the same, "No, I 've had this for a while."

What does this experiment prove: That EVERYONE lies. I mean, there is absolutely no way that every single person wearing an apparently new article of clothing actually had it tucked away in some drawer for months. I would guess most people have a rotation of clothes they wear and occasionally they will sprinkle in the random B-List garment, but reason would say that you will buy new things and you will have to wear said new things for the first time at some point.

Are we embarrassed to show that we have spent money on clothing?? Is buying new clothing uncool?

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