Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bill Nye Needs A Makeover

I was watching CNN the other night as they talked about the oil spill, and they were interviewing random authorities on the topic. A guy who's fished for 2o years, some wildlife experts and a bunch of others, and then they bring on another authority: Bill Nye.

If you are not familiar with Bill Nye, well, he's the science guy, and that is how he refers to himself - "Bill Nye The Science Guy." He used to have a show that explained science, geared towards kids. I'll be honest - I like Bill Nye - but, to be fair, I also love wacky bow-ties - he was entertaining, however, perhaps, out of sheer respectability, it is time to drop the "science guy" moniker. I mean if you are going to be on CNN - The Worldwide Leader in News and People Named Wolf - maybe just Bill Nye works.

While, he's talking on CNN, the info bar at the bottom that alerts you to who is speaking (you know the one that usually says, "Bobby Jindal - Governor of Louisiana," has "Bill Nye - The Science Guy." He then proceeds to talk about the oil spill - a serious topic - with a cutesy rhyming nickname. Well, if I had no idea who this man was, I would have a hard time taking him seriously, or CNN for that matter - who, already has lost credibility by considering EVERYTHING Breaking News.


Toni Ryan said...

What about... "BILLY NYE... TV Personality" or "BILLY NYE... Science Expert"?

Debbie-Lin said...

I love Bill Nye!!!! :) He's great! :) I do agree, though-it kind of takes away from his authority when they put on "The Science Guy," lol. But that's how we all know him! :)