Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Snooze Button Beat Me This Morning

I like order in my life - set times, daily planners, scheduled meetings - I'll take 'em (sans the meetings). That's why I have a routine every morning. My alarm goes off at 4 am, I hit snooze twice, and get out of bed at 4:18 am. I do this everyday. However, some days, in a haze of sleep, I for some reason try to convince myself that I can get away with an extra snooze. When, I give into this temptation my world is sent spinning off its axis.

I assume this happens to a lot of people, but what I find weird is, how we bargain with ourselves. This morning, as I looked at the alarm clock showing 4:18am I honestly said to myself, "Well, I can brush my teeth after I get home from work." WHAT?! There are a million problems with this deal. First of all, there is no way it takes me 9 minutes to brush my teeth; that would be insane! Secondly, how in the world would brushing my teeth after I've been around people benefit me? Co-workers would have already smelled my terrible breath, and the opportunity to brush them (my teeth, not the the coworkers - though some could use a brushing - Matt Sneed) wouldn't come for about 8 hours.

This was a bizarre deal I cut with myself (which I gave in to, hit the snooze, ran late, but still brushed my teeth) but not the strangest. A few months back, I convinced myself I could make up the 9 minutes of another snooze by wearing sweatpants to work.

Have you done this, and if so, what are the excuses you came up with?


Samantha said...

HAHAHA I am a snooze queen!!

I just leave a toothbrush and hair brush at work now!!

Samantha said...

I def understand!!

I have a toothbrush and hair brush at work now because of my addiction to the snooze button!!


Anonymous said...

Well I actually tried to get more sleep by going to bed earlier one night. I usually shower in the evening before bed. I was so exhausted from doing lawn work that I committed a major faux pas and went to bed without showering. I figured, "Heck I can get up a few minutes earlier and get my shower in the morning." Problem with that is when my alarm went off on the morning I was still so tired that I hit the snooze way too many times totally forgetting that I forgot to shower. to work way late, kid got to school late and it screwed up the whole day!