Friday, June 18, 2010

It's On Betty White

A few months back I unleashed a fury, one unlike anything the world has never seen, all over Betty White (Read About It Hear). Since then, I have made amends with Ms. White. I've seen her on The Daily Show and on the MTV Movie Awards, and this recent fame doesn't seem to have gone to her head. She appears just as sweet as ever, and despite the fact that I still believe this whole Betty White revival, was born out of some guys joking around, I am glad she is having a second Golden (Girls) Age. However, this all changed this morning.

Attention Betty White: It's on . . . again!!

I learned this morning that B-White's new show, Hot in Cleveland, was a huge hit on TV Land. In fact, it had 4.8 million viewers, a record for any TV Land program. So, why aren't I happy for Betty White? Answer: Because she beat a record I held!!!

I don't know how many people watch TV Land, but if I would have to guess I'd say half a dozen. Now, when I was featured on the hit TV Land show Make My Day last year, and by me, I mean my back, those numbers exploded! I know for a fact, both myself AND my mom watched that night, which would put the number of viewers to eight. I am 99% sure this was a record for the land of Television, and then Betty White came along. 4.8 million, huh, Betty? Touche - looks like you take round 2.

I can promise you this - Round 3 won't be so easy. You played coy and made me think you had retreated after the first round, little did I know you were planning an attack the whole time. I admit - I didn't see this one coming. I mean I was sure one extra person was going to watch your show -that person being my wife, who absolutely adores you, and would love an autographed picture if you have a sec - but 4.8 million! Not bad you silver-haired fox, but just remember, Round 3 is coming, and it could happen at any moment, like right . . . NOW! . . . no, actually not right now, but soon, I promise you soon.

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