Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Forget Those Annoying Horns, Soccer Has a Bigger Problem

"Another soccer post?!" - Yup, hey, the World Cup only happens every four years, let me have this.

It seems the story of the competition so far has been the annoying horns that sound like bees; I even mentioned them in my blog yesterday. There is however a more fundamental and universal problem with the sport of soccer. "It's insanely boring?" No, that it's discriminatory. It's not discriminatory by race or by sex - though FIFA's slogan is, "Get the wife in the kitchen, it's soccer time!" - no, it is prejudice against colorblind players.

Colorblind players never know the severity of their penalty.

Here's a hypothetical situation for you - and it's hypothetical in the sense that it will never happen:

"Oh, bull*$@. A red card! That's the worst #$%*ing call ever!"

"It's a yellow, but now you've got a red for that language."


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