Monday, June 14, 2010

World Cup Update 1: Bad Goalies, German Domination and Horns That Sound Like Bees

How awesome is it that the World Cup is finally underway? As you read this, chances are you know someone who passed away this weekend from sheer boredom, but not me, as stated in an earlier post - I love soccer! So, for the few that read my blog and enjoy the beautiful game (aka My dad) I will be giving periodic updates on action from the Cup.

1. US Beats England 1-1! A tie! Exactly, what Americans love about soccer, an hour and a half of slow paced action that ends without a conclusion. Truth is though, I am happy with the tie. Listen, England was favored, and if their goalie didn't pull a Munson (reference to the movie Kingpin - used to further limit the amount of people who enjoy this post) we end up in a very bad situation. Also, much respect to the massive amount of American fans in the stands at the game.

2. Germany destroys the Aussies: Though, the majority of my support, is behind team USA, I also am a huge Germany supporter. My dad grew up there, and I have family over there, so I feel some ties to the country - plus, I love schnitzel. Frankly, they looked better than any other team so far. As good as tie was for the US, both our country and England, would get killed by Germany if they all played the way they did this weekend.

3. British Announcers: Do we need British announcers to make the World Cup sound more official? We couldn't get someone from the states to do the commentary? During the Germany game, one of the announcers stated the old cliche, "Two - nil leads are difficult to keep," to which my wife said, "I've never heard that cliche: Two hills are difficult to eat?" While, true, two hills are difficult to eat, it is not a cliche (though I may start using it). It is the result of a tough to decipher British accent.

4. Attack of the killer bees: Or, at least that's what it sounds like when you watch any of the matches. Apparently, when you are born in South Africa instead of a birth certificate you are given an annoying instrument. Everyone in the stadium has one of these stupid horns - known as Vuvuzela's - and they sound like a swarm of bees are floating around your television set. Seriously, they need to ban them. It renders watching the World Cup with your dog impossible.

That's it for now. Can't wait for Friday. Gonna be tough to DVR the US game and not hear about it until I get home to watch, but I guess it is like they always say, two hills are difficult to eat.

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Toni Ryan said...

dude, the buzzing that goes on in the background is maddening. is that really what it is? how is soccer going to win over america with that terrible sound?! elevator music would be better!