Thursday, August 5, 2010

Adult Backpacks

Man has long dealt with the issue of traveling with their possessions. Women evolved, and smartly decided any type of bag would an appropriate vessel to haul their stuff around in, going to work - grab a bag; night on the town - smaller bag, simple formula. Men, however, as we are wont to do, did not decide on anything because we were busy having highly philosophical debates.

Having never settled on a definitive solution, we were left with a bunch of options, many of which could lead to being made fun of - see European Shoulder Bag or The Man Purse. Sure, there was a period when the briefcase was deemed the most appropriate means for bringing your work to-and-from the office, but I think today the briefcase only works for a few guys: Three-Piece Suit Business Men and Colombian Drug Traffickers. If I walked into our offices here tomorrow with a briefcase, well, I'd never hear the end of it.

So, the other day my messenger bag broke. I had settled on the messenger bag as my bag of choice since college, but when I went to replace this one, I randomly decided that I wanted a backpack. Not a big "I'm Scaling Everest" backpack, but a plain, black backpack, or a "blackpack" - no wait, that sounds bad.

Here it is. So, what do you think, adult guys with backpacks?*

*Assume for this question that I look like an adult


teri said...

I work in an office, in Philly, and see men all the time with backpacks. I'm all for it.

Jese said...

Yes. And if you choose to wear only the backpack that's okay with me!

Debbie said...

I think the backpacks are okay, but they definitely make young-looking guys look even younger (sorry).