Tuesday, August 24, 2010

London Lingo

My trip to London was great! Frankly, I don't know where to begin recapping everything we did because we did so much. You can see some of my pictures here. I will say that, though they speak English, you can at times have a hard time understanding what they're saying due to an interjection of random terms we don't use. I found that some of these terms are great and should be adopted immediately, while others I am happy to leave across the pond - Term 1: 'The Pond' - Basically, it's just factually incorrect)

Here are a few of them:

  • 'Lovely' - This should be adopted quicker than an adorable British orphan - adorable British orphans should always be adopted, even if you aren't looking for a child because they are AWESOME! The word lovely is used almost like a combination of Thank You & Well Done. For example, if I was a store clerk and you were buying something, when you handed me the money I would say lovely. Much more regal sounding than thanks.

  • 'Cheerio' - The British way of saying goodbye was used far less than I was expecting, which is a shame because I rather like it. That being said, I don't think we should adopted it because the transition period would just be too awkward. Pretty sure if I used it I would be laughed at, beat up or handed a box of cereal.

  • 'Bloody' - Bloody was used to add additional displeasure to something. If something is awful, you can enhance it's awfulness by saying bloody awful. We should definitely use this because the only word I can think of that we use is very, and if your house were to burn down and you stood there looking and said very awful! you would sound over-articulate and a touch awkwardly monotone.

  • 'Pip, Pip' - I'll be honest, I never heard this, don't know what it means and am just going on an assumption that people ever used it, that being said . . . I want it. I picture using it when I am leaving somewhere and as I am saying goodbye (remember cheerio is not being adopted - oh, thanks for the cereal) I quickly rise to my toes as I push off with my cane and hurriedly chirp Pip, Pip! - not unlike Beeker from Muppet Babies. What does this accomplish? I have no idea. Do I look cool doing it? Insanely.

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Debra said...

I loved your pics, some of those buildings were so beautiful. I thought someday I would like to go there, this just makes me about it more. Thanks for sharing. Loved the Lingo blog too. I love the word Bloody, we do use the word very or another word that starts with an "f" lol so yes, bloody is great.