Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Miss Universe

Quick shout-out to Dave's Blog and this post that features the funniest video ever of some guys watching the Miss Universe Pageant.

I'll admit I did stop on the pageant while flipping through the channels earlier this week. My reactions slightly more subdued than guys in that video - well, maybe not the chubby one in the back-left -and I watched it for a little bit.

Here's something strange I noticed: All the contestants were from Planet Earth?!?!

I would guess that most people think there is other life out there in our universe, I mean all of it just for us? And, here we are gallivanting like we own the place. Sure, Miss Mexico is beautiful, but are we sure there isn't someone more beautiful on Zorpon??! (Zorpon is a planet I made up that is full of stunning women. Imagine Halle Berry and Angelina Jolie combined into one person, and that person was beat up in school by a Zorponian because of how ugly and nerdy she was.)

It's like the World Series - we crown a team world champion yet only USA teams and Canadians teams can win. I'll tell you what, those Japanese teams are pretty darn good, why can't they be World Champion? Answer: They don't even get the chance to compete (also the Yankees will still be better).

When we finally come to the conclusion that there is no extraterrestrial life then I will crown someone from this planet Miss Universe, until then, I'm keeping my options open.

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Toni Ryan said...

hahahahha I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU! i've always wondered, some day when those green martian men finally touch down and bother to hold a press conference, are they finally going to reveal that all those years of lurking around Area 51, or trying to scare the Brady Bunch, all they were really trying to do is gather up the courage to stand up for themselves and say, "HEY THERE! Until we get equal rights and women of green color and big heads are allowed to be a part of this competition, we really think you should rename your pageant to 'MISS EARTH'!"