Monday, September 20, 2010

Are You In An Uneven Relationship?

Are you in an uneven relationship? I am. I'm not talking professionally or appearance wise (though just a heads up, if your wife is out of your league it is very easy to change her eyeglass prescription. I've done it, takes like 5 minutes),I am talking about as gift givers.

Christine is an awesome gift giver. I've had cooking classes in NYC, a meal at one of the greatest restaurants in the country and tons of other amazing things. I gave her a waterpick once. If you are unfamiliar with a waterpick, it is a device that blasts food out of your teeth. On a scale of romantic gifts it falls somewhere around a complimentary oil change (which I also got her.)

So, every time her birthday or a holiday comes around I start sweating bullets. I rack my brain and often come up with the same ideas (massage, flowers, edible underwear) but this time I think I did well.

I knew Christine likes the outdoors. Our honeymoon in Hawaii was great because we relaxed, but also hiked, surfed and did tons of other outdoor adventurous things. Now, and this may be shocking, but I am not a wilderness man. You can tell this from, a) I just used the term "wilderness man" and b) from my skin-tone. Basically, take a piece of white loose-leaf paper and draw two eyes on it. Okay, you might as well have just taken a picture of me. I'm the pale, indoorsy type. However, I knew Christine likes the outdoors so for her birthday this weekend I rented us a kayak, packed lunch, some wine and snacks and spent a couple hours out together.

She loved it!! I have never been so happy about a gift.

Now, anyone have an idea for Christmas? I was thinking musical socks.


Anonymous said...

If you don't consider yourself an excellent gift giver then congratulations on starting early. Have you ever gone and stayed at the Hotel Hershey? It's not inexpensive but it's lovely. The gardens are amazing, the restaurants are great and I'm a huge fan of their spa. What about a hot air balloon ride? Of course you might want to do that when the weather is nice? Concert tickets? If you like to take photos like I do, you can go to and make an album of special pics, or have a picture enlarged and then you could frame it....

Debbie said...

So cute! :) And it just proves that all most women want is something thoughtful (which is usually romantic just from that), not something super fancy or showy. Going kayaking was awesome enough, but then to throw a picnic on top of it? You must have earned big husband points! :)

One of the best birthdays I've ever had was when my fiance and I spent the day in New York a couple of years ago. I have to admit that he did give me some birthday presents in the morning, but the real present was going to New York, walking around Central Park for a few hours, then going to dinner at a vegan restaurant that I had been to once before and loved. It was a fantastic day! :) My guess is that your wife felt the same way about spending her birthday with you :)