Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thoughts You Can't Unthink

Did you ever have a thought that you couldn't unthink? Once you've had it, no matter how much you want to forget it, it still pops up in your head certain times.

One day when I was younger I thought about where I rest my tongue when I'm not speaking. Is this weird? Yes, but worse, it drives me crazy! Every few days I'll have this same thought now, and when I do I can't get my tongue to feel comfortable in my mouth.

I am completely aware that what I am saying sounds bizarre, but it really happens to me. So, do you have a thought you can't unthink

PS - Don't say your parents being intimate.

PPS - I'm sorry for just saying "your parents being intimate," because now you can't unthink it.

PPPS - Dingy

PPPPS - See didn't me saying "Dingy" take your mind off your parent being intimate?

PPPPPS - AAAAHHH!!! Sorry again!

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