Friday, October 1, 2010

War is Over

On such a gloomy day like today, I figure we could all use some good news and boy do I have some! This Sunday, October 3rd in the year 2010 the war has ended! Join in everyone, "U-S-A . . . U-S-A!!"

I'm not talking about the war in the Middle East or the war on drugs, no, I'm talking about the big one: The Great War.

That's right, on Sunday we will have officially won World War 1. I know what you're thinking, "Newman, we won World War 1 92 years ago?!" First of all, WOW! How did you know exactly how long ago the fighting in WW1 ended? That's flat out impressive. Second, while we did stop fighting that long ago, the Treaty of Versailles apparently stated the war would end when the loser (Germany) paid $35 billion (about $400 billion today) to the winners. On Sunday Germany will make the last payment and officially end WW1. Booyah!

Take that Germany! First we vote Hasselhof off Dancing With The Stars and now we win World War 1. Pretty rough few week.

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