Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bars Should Play One of Two Things

I'm a sports guy. I love it when there are a bunch of games on, and me and some friends go to watch 'em all at a sports bar. Heaven. When I'm at a bar that has some TV's, for me, there has to be sports on. I don't care if it's preseason British rugby, put it on. If there are literally no sporting events on, which I find hard to believe - heck, put on ESPNClassic and rerun a great old game (just make sure I am aware it is an old game, cause I get easily confused - I thought they were retro jerseys!?) - then put on CNN or any other news station that has a scroll on the bottom of headlines.

What I am trying to say barkeeps is, don't put sitcoms on the muted TV's. Listen, I don't know how much you pay in electricity costs, but I could save you upwards of 3 cents a month by shutting off your televisions instead. Everybody Loves Raymond - funny show. Everybody Loves Raymond Without Sound - pointless. Now, granted, some TBS comedies are about as funny with the sound off as they are with the sound on, but still, there has to be a better option on.

Oh, and don't think putting closed captioning on helps. A) The jokes don't work the same. B)The text is about five seconds behind and often features words like hu&!a-h@#! when it can't recognize them and I'm not smart enough to figure them out.

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Toni Ryan said...

LOL so funny about the retro games. I actually watched most of a basketball game at a bar, and thought, "man, why are their short pants SO short??"

(i realized i forgot to mention it was a *basketball* game, which is key to this anecdote.)