Monday, October 11, 2010

Garden Blog #1

Fact: Everything I have ever grown in my life has whithered and died quite quickly.

Also Fact: I have decided to start a garden.

I am admittedly not the best when it comes to growing vegetables, but with my first home and some room for a garden, I decided I really want to give it a shot. (Any advice is more than welcome!) Now, I'm not talking a couple of pots, I'm talking full-blown garden. Here's the plan:

As stated in a previous blog post, this will not be some girly garden where I grow delicate flowers and newborn kittens, no, this is going to be a manly garden where I grow fruits, vegetables and porterhouse steaks.

The first step is building the outside and fencing it in. Now, I took woodshop in 8th grade and as a Cub Scout built a mighty fine Pinewood Derby car, but my overall woodworking skills are nothing spectacular. Luckily, my dad could build a garden with no hands while drinking a beer, and he is helping me out with the whole thing. So, this weekend we dug up the corner holes and cemented in the four corner posts of the garden. Took us a cool four hours.
Hey, Lawrenceville, you got a lot of rocks in your soil. How about we do something about that? I'm pretty sure as a tax payer, I get to make one outlandish request a year. I know I asked for the township wide monorail to be built this year, but perhaps for next year you could dig up some of these rocks so future green-thumbs don't encounter these problems. Oh, and my street light went out the other day, just a heads up.

Here are the first few pictures. I figure I will update as we go. Admittedly, these aren't the most exciting shots (me mixing cement, my dad and I digging a hole, and some random wild turkeys I saw) but they will get better as the garden comes along:

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teri said...

Always make sure there is enough sunlight, according to the plant specifications. You might want to invest in some deer netting to keep the critters out.

Also, would you think about heirloom seeds? D. Landreth seeds is a good, online place to get seeds. I like them because the seeds have been around since the 1700's and they give you more of a selection of fruits and vegetables that aren't the normal, typical stuff.

Like there are white cucumbers that I would love to plant and different tomatoes, etc.