Tuesday, October 19, 2010

EPIC BLOG POST: Who is Jeffrey Stambor?

I was reading the November issue of Food and Wine magazine that I received a while back the other night, when I stumbled upon something HUGE! (Side-note: Why do magazines publish so far into the future? Pretty sure I just got the January 2013 issue of Field and Stream. Ok, that was an exaggeration, there's no way I would subscribe to Field and Stream.) So anyway, I'm flipping through Food and Wine when I get to an article entitled, "The Making of a Legendary Napa Cabernet," which features a very interesting man, one Jeffrey Stambor.

So, who is Jeffrey Stambor, and why would I consider an article about a California wine-maker "epic?" Simple: Jeffrey Stambor IS Jerry Seinfeld!!!!

I'm not saying Jeffrey Stambor looks like Jerry Seinfeld in the way that Tina Fey kind of looks like Sarah Palin, no, I am saying that I am 100% certain, without a doubt in my mind that Jeffery Stambor IS Jerry Seinfeld.

Here's the picture:

ARE YOU SERIOUS!? Tell me that is not Jerry Seinfeld with an insanely awesome mustache!

My only theory: Jerry mated with the Soup Nazi.

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pstwade said...

What's the deal with stompin' on grapes?