Monday, October 18, 2010

I Think You Have Something On Your Back

Did you ever stick something to your friend's back when you were a kid? Piece of tape, 'Kick Me' sign, whatever? Well, I'm 28, and my friends and I never really grew up. At the Rutgers vs Army tailgate this past weekend we took this little game to most ridiculous level imaginable. Here are a few pictures of one of my friends after four hours of tailgating. (Yes, he went into the stadium this way.)

It may be tough to tell from these pics, but here is a list of things on my friends back:
-Lots of duct tape
-A football ticket for Rutgers vs UConn on 10/9/10
-An empty beer can
-A napkin
-A plastic spoon
-A plastic fork WITH piece of sausage attached
-A ripped piece of cardboard

On a serious note, if you didn't hear, Rutgers DT Eric LeGrand was involved in a very serious hit, one that (as of the moment) has left him paralyzed from the neck down. It was just an awful scene. I encourage you, if you're a Rutgers fan, a football fan, or just would like to reach out, to send a message to Eric and his family. You can do it here.

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