Thursday, October 21, 2010

Smooth or Chunky

I was watching a clip of a comedian yesterday, and he was doing this bit on how disgusting chunky peanut butter is. How it looks like someone chewed up peanuts and spit them out in a jar. Frankly, I'm insulted - I am a chunky peanut butter fan!

I'm going to guess chunky fans are in the minority. We are the left-handers of the peanut butter world, but did you know that study-after-study has shown chunky fans actually have a higher IQ than there silky smooth counterparts? - unsubstantiated. There are many reasons chunky peanut butter is the more delicious ground peanut option:

1. Textural Complexity - Turn on any TV competition cooking show and you will see someone get ridiculed for lack of texture in their dish. "Needed more crunch," they might say. Guess what would solve that - Crunchy Peanut Butter. Salmon Fillet with a Balsamic Glaze has no bite? Crunchy Peanut Butter. Non-Fried Calamari too slick? Not when you have Calamari ala Crunchy Peanut Butter.

2. Closer to your Food - There's been this whole movement towards understanding where our food comes from. Seeing the animal before it is on our plate; the fish in the sea; the steak as not a steak, but an animal. When you look in a jar of chunky peanut butter, you see the once living, breathing peanuts right there. What do you see when you look in a jar of smooth peanut butter? A melted pile of tan crayons - and I don't eat crayons. I want to be even closer to my food source, that's why I suggest they start toss the shells in there as well.

3. The Hilarity Of Getting to Use The Line, ". . . Like I Like My Women," When You Buy It - Saying you like your peanut butter like you like your women . . .smooth, just sounds like a cheesy line. Saying you like your peanut butter like you like your women . . .chunky, some what funny! (By the way, saying you like your peanut butter like you like your women . . . roasted, is disturbing.)


Anonymous said...

You are not alone Newman! I am a huge fan of chunky peanut butter. In fact, I buy extra chunky by Skippy. Yum!

Anonymous said...

Chunky peanut butter rules!

Debbie said...

I used to love chunky, but now I'm all about smooth. Probably because I am always getting work done on my teeth (root canals, crowns, etc.) and my teeth just can't handle the chunky anymore, lol.

AfroPuff said...

I LOVE CHUNKY! smooth is just too smooth! I love my chunky and mix it with fluff n make chunky fluffernutter!