Monday, October 25, 2010

How to Ensure The Phillies Make the 2011 World Series

I know Phillies fans are pheeling blue right now. This team should be in the World Series. I mean you look at all the rosters in baseball, and you'd be hard pressed to find a more intimidating group of pitchers and lineup that is much better. Obviously, skill isn't the only thing that gets you to the World Series, but it is the main thing. So, what can be done? Here are just a few suggestions, that I think will help ensure the Philadelphia Phillies contend for the 2011 World Championship:

1. Hit The Ball - Hitting is is one of those often overlooked aspects of the game. People talk a lot about the managerial decisions and the amount of rally caps the fans don when needed, but few talk about the importance of hitting the baseball. My idea next year is that the Phillies hit the baseball. Call me crazy but I think if some of the guys were to have hit the ball during this postseason, well, the whole series may have been different. You'll probably hear a lot of sports talkers asking, "Should Ryan Howard have hit a homerun this postseason?" And, while some may say, "No, he did the right thing by not scoring runs," I would argue the team would have actually been better off if he did score some runs.

2. Forfeit Your 2008 Championship - If there has been one trend over the last few years, it's that a team who hasn't won a championship in years (perhaps ever, if the Rangers win this year) will most likely win the trophy. This is going to be tough with the 2008 championship the Phils captured. Solution: Give it back. Say the team was all doing steroids and you can't possibly accept it. Trust me, fans won't care when you raise the 2011 championship banner. Then give that back and win in 2012.

3. Don't Jinx It - I didn't want to name names, but someone in our office, after the Phils made it a 3-2 series, said quote - I think we got this. Game, set, and match. As a sports fan, you know you NEVER say something like this. The Phillies could by some new rule have acquired the starting roster of the National League Allstar team (including those players on The Giants) and it wouldn't have mattered after this statement.

Take 'em or leave 'em, but I think these ideas will ensure a 2011 Championship.

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