Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Same Name

Reports are that CBS is currently developing a new reality show about people with the same name as a celebrity. They will then get the celebrity to switch lives with them, film it and then put it on after the 58th season of Survivor.

First of all, this sounds awful. I can't imagine they are going to get any really big name stars to jump on board, and then they need to find someone interesting with the same exact name. The best option here is to lie.

So, I figured most of us do not have the same name as a celebrity, however we do have the same name as someone else. So, here's the game: Google your name and then post what you'd be doing if you switched lives with the first person who pops up.

I did mine, and guess what - I have the same name as a HUGE STAR!! Former Baywatch out-of-place balding guy, Michael Newman! What couldn't I do?! (Get a job). Actually, after reading some more, I learned he won the National Ironman Championship. So, I would be in insanely good physical shape (he's 80!) Not to mention, I would have a sick mustache and an abundance of chest hair!

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Anonymous said...

HAHA! My 13yo son is James Taylor!