Monday, October 4, 2010

Sometimes You Say The Wrong Word

There are times when you utter the wrong word while speaking. It can happen for a multitude of reasons - don't know the definition, had a brain-fart, Freudian slip, whatever - and often times it results in you feeling like an idiot.

When I was a kid this happened to me in CCD. I said Jesus was buried in a womb. I was young and didn't know the right word to use. Looking back, sure wish I knew the definition of womb and how different it is from a tomb., then the teachers and students wouldn't have laughed so much at my expense. But don't cry for me Argentina, I haven't had this happen to such a degree since then. Until a couple of minutes ago.

This time it wasn't due to my vocabulary, I knew the definition of the word I was trying to say, it just came out as a similar sounding word that I did not mean to say. Here's a little reminder: incense is not the same as incest. I just said to someone, "Sure, smells like incest in here."

CCD all over again.

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Debbie said...

This is pretty gross, but along the same lines, sometimes you type the wrong word. We had a secretary in our office (she was really terrible) who typed "fecal sac" instead of "thecal sac." Obviously, those have two completely different meanings! Lol.