Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Most Fascinating People of 2010

Barbara Walters has released the first eight names in her 10 Most Fascinating People list. So far we know: Sandra Bullock, Betty White, Kate Middleton, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber, Sarah Palin, LeBron James, and the cast of Jersey Shore.

Now if my math is correct Babs still has -7 names to go, seeing has how the cast of Jersey Shore is not an individual, but assuming she is not pulling one of her legendary pranks (?) she's got two left.

So, let's try to guess who else could be on it. Here are my thoughts:

  • Bristol Palin - Sarah would be the safer Palin choice, but I think the Dancing With The Stars stint put Bristol's name out there. Long-shot, but she might just Texas Two-Step her way onto the list (awkwardly).

  • Barbara Walters - How mind-blowlingly awesome would this be? She puts herself on her own list in the ultimate egotastic (Sarah Palin understood it) move ever. Plus, how hilarious would it be if she interviewed herself and just kept switching between seats and spoke half the time with a slightly deeper voice!?

  • Jane Lynch - People might watch Glee for the music, but even I, someone who doesn't care for the show, has to admit she is pretty great as Sue Sylvester.

  • Pat McAfee - McAfee is the punter for the Indianapolis Colts. Now here me out - Earlier this year Pat McAfee got drunk and jumped in the Indianapolis' Central Canal at 4 in the morning. He then got out and tried to get in someone's car with them for a ride home. When the cops showed, up a soaking wet McAfee responded to the question, "How much have you had to drink tonight?" with a hilarious, "A lot - because I'm drunk." To add to this, my friends and I used to heckle Pat McAfee relentlessly when he played at West Virginia and they traveled to Rutgers. I have little doubt our incessant put-downs played a key role in this incident.

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